Doritos – “Bold Bait” Superbowl Spot

I co-wrote and directed this hidden camera campaign for Doritos days before the Superbowl. I had the pleasure of working with my friend, actor Jon Blitt, a legend in the hidden camera comedy world. ROLE: Director… read more

Toshiba/Intel – “I Was Framed”

A hidden camera spot for Toshiba. I got to work with expert magician/pick-pocket Ben Seidman in this tricky series of spots. ROLE: Director… read more

Firefox/Mozilla – “Personas”

I produced/directed/edited this on-line commercial for Mozilla. Recently we won a Silver Telly Award. They client wanted a stop-motion feel, so we achieved that by putting the subjects on a dolly and wheeling them around the outside and inside of… read more

Audi Spec Commercial for AFI Festival

Written, shot and edited in one night with no crew and no cast (other than my sleeping family), this spot actually won me an Audi Q7 at the AFI Film Festival in LA, where I was screening HECKLER. I was… read more

Stand-Up Live – “Frank Caliendo”

Got to direct Frank Caliendo for this spot. He’s one of the quickest comics I’ve worked with. ROLE: Director/Cinematographer/Editor… read more

Better Place – “Toy Car”

I got to direct a group of children for this interesting spot for the Israeli company “Better Place.” I was told that one child was the stand-out at every live screening of this spot. That child was my own son,… read more

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids PSA

A PSA for Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. ROLE: Director/Editor… read more