Comedy Central – The McCaingels – Ep. 1

This web series was produced for Comedy Central.  This episode, I got to direct the great Maria Bamford, as well as the rest of the fine cast.  I wore many hats in these productions, but I’m proud we were a… read more

Comedy Central – The McCaingels – Ep. 2

The second episode of our show features the “angels” mistaking the great Phil Lamarr for Barack Obama and trying to frame the future president for cocaine possession.  I got a chance to work with Stephanie Escajeda… very funny actress/comedian, and… read more

Comedy Central – The McCaingels – Ep. 3

Another episode of our show.  Got to work with Mike O’Connell, who I’ve always been fond of.  Brilliant musician, comedian and actor.  Also former Chicagoan. ROLE: Creator/Producer/Director/Writer/Editor… read more

Muscle Trike

One of the great things about LA is that you may find yourself living next door to a really great artist.  I made this short film with special FX artist Alberto Noti. We used our children in it – the… read more

Phonemaster 9000 Call Returning Machine

My student film. Got into Sundance. ROLE: Producer/Director/Writer/Voice… read more